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This online physician Locator helps you find a perfect match for your medical needs DoctorFinder provides you with basic professional information on virtually every licensed physician in the United States. This includes more than 814,000 doctors.

AMA member physicians are offered an expanded listing that contains additional information such as office hours, accepted insurance providers, educational history and other helpful information.

All AMA members must adhere to the AMA's Principles of Medical Ethics.

General Information

Technical troubleshooting

General Information

Q. What is AMA DoctorFinder?

AMA DoctorFinder provides comprehensive information on individual physicians from which you can select a physician or verify the credentials of a known physician. AMA DoctorFinder includes more than 814,000 AMA member and non-member doctors of medicine (MD) and doctors of osteopathy or osteopathic medicine (DO). AMA DoctorFinder does not include other licensed health care professionals such as dentists, optometrists, chiropractors, nurses, or allied health personnel.

Physician listings are based on data maintained in the AMA Physician Masterfile, the nation's most comprehensive and unbiased physician database. Visit the Physician Education, Licensure, and Certification section of our web site for additional information.

Of particular benefit to AMA members, our Search results present the listings of AMA member physicians first, allowing a secondary search, if desired, that lists non-AMA-member physician. If you are not an AMA member, or haven't renewed your AMA membership yet, go to our Join/Renew page.

Q. How can I submit corrections or updates to my listing in AMA DoctorFinder?

First, locate your listing in AMA DoctorFinder, then click on the link "Physicians - Update your data". Or go directly to the Online Data Collection Center (OLDCC). After you have provided validation of your identity, you can provide data on an online form or print a form that can be edited and mailed or faxed to the AMA. If you need assistance completing the Online Data Collection form, please visit the OLDCC's Frequently Asked Questions page.

Q. I don't see my listing in AMA DoctorFinder; how do I get my listing added?

If you would like to discuss having a listing in AMA DoctorFinder, please call the AMA's Unified Service Center at (800) 621-8335

Q. What determines whether a physician included in AMA DoctorFinder has an expanded listing? And, is there any real value having an expanded listing in AMA DoctorFinder?

Expanded listings in AMA DoctorFinder are available to AMA members-only. And a great benefit it is: AMA DoctorFinder is the #1 most visited component on the AMA Web site, and Internet search engines report the AMA DoctorFinder" is the #1 non-sponsored result when searching on the term "physician". With an expanded AMA DoctorFinder Web page, current and prospective patients can view more than twice the practice information they would receive when viewing a nonmember page. Added information includes office hours, a map to your office location, accepted health plans, and much more

Q. How can I remove my listing in AMA DoctorFinder?

Physicians can request to be removed from DoctorFinder by completing and submitting the AMA's Secure Data Change form.  At the bottom of the page, in the box titled "Other data changes," specify that you wish to be removed from DoctorFinder.  Physicians can also contact the AMA Unified Service Center at (800) 621-8335 for assistance.

Q. What is "Your Practice Online?"

"Your Practice Online" is an AMA member benefit on the Medem Web site that allows you to have a free site for your medical practice. Medem is an e-health network created by the AMA and other leading national medical societies dedicated to bringing health care information to your patients. For more information about what you are able to do on your free Web site, please visit our Web page entitled Physician/Practice Web Sites.

Q. How can I obtain Masterfile data or mailing labels on individual physicians or groups of physicians?

The AMA has license agreements with Database Licensees who specialize in direct mail and a variety of marketing services for the entire medical community. Individuals or organizations wishing to inquire about licensing the Physician Masterfile should contact the Department of Database Licensing.

Q. Does the AMA offer physician credentialing products needed by organizations that verify physician credentials directly (eg, licensing boards, hospitals, group practices, managed care organizations) or credentialing organizations that verify physician credentials for a third party?

The AMA Physician Profile Service provides comprehensive and current primary source information for organizations involved in verifying physician credentials. General information is available on the AMA Physician Profile Services web site or by calling the Profile Customer Service at (800) 665-2882.

Technical troubleshooting

Problem: Older browsers

DoctorFinder works best, and has been tested most thoroughly, with versions 4 and newer of Netscape and Microsoft's Web browsers. It is also known to work well with AOL versions 4 and newer, WebTV, and, for text-only terminal users, Lynx versions 2.7 and newer. Generally, any browser that supports HTML level 3 should suffice.

Problem: I don't see any "Search" button. What do I do after entering the information?

You should see a red button labeled "Quick search." Be sure you have the browser set to "Auto Load Images."

Problem: I see the other images but no red buttons.

You may need to upgrade your browser. Our buttons use standard HTML level 2 coding, but some older browsers don't interpret it correctly. The newest versions of the more popular browsers (Netscape Navigator, Mosaic, etc.) work fine.

Problem: I'm using a text-only browser.

The application does work with Lynx versions 2.4.2 and better. Use the first [IMAGE]-Submit link below the search form to search. If your version is older, ask your system administrator to upgrade.

Error message: "Session Time-Out"

When you use DoctorFinder a "program session" is started. Sessions will end or "time out" if there is no activity within a ten-minute period. Activity is considered once you accept the usage terms within the DoctorFinder application. Restart DoctorFinder by going to the AMA home page and click on the "DoctorFinder" link in the top right navigation bar. Using an page that has been bookmarked within the DoctorFinder application, will likely produce a page that will point you to the starting point of DoctorFinder.

Error message: "System Error"

If you get a "System error" message, restart DoctorFinder from the beginning of the application. If the error message persists, please send an e-mail with a brief description of the problem you encountered to: